All over the U.S., convenience stores and gas stations are beginning to offer CBD products to the public. No prescription or registration is required, just proper payment and an ID proving your age is 18 or older.

There are dozens of competitors selling CBD products in various places, including at pharmacies like CVS. That company recently rolled out an eight-state blitz of CBD products in hundreds of its stores. Sheetz is a Pennsylvania convenience and fuel chain that is well known for its “always open” policy and a wide selection of convenience items.

Sheetz will now be adding CBD products to its vast product lineup in more than 140 stores across the state of Pennsylvania. Owners of the Sheetz stores point out that this marks a first for any retailer. Based on the company’s press release about CBD products, the decision was based on popular demand for a rapidly growing market.

What’s For Sale?

Sheetz gas stations and convenience stores will be offering a complete line of CBD products to its customers, including tinctures, pet products, topicals like patches and special rubs, capsules, vape pens, and various kinds of oral pouches. None of the CBD products sold by Sheetz contain any THC, in compliance with federal law.

Sheetz customers who want to buy any of the CBD items will need to show ID, be 18 or older, and request the product be removed from a behind-the-counter shelf. According to Sheetz’s official policy regarding identification, several forms are acceptable, including a military card, U.S. passport, or state-issued driver’s license.

Where to Buy CBD

For the time being, Sheetz will only be selling CBD products at its Pennsylvania locations but not all 580 of them. Management has opted to offer the items at 140 select Sheetz locations in the state of Pennsylvania, but not at any of its stores in North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio or Maryland.

The CBD Boom

It’s not just Sheetz, and not just gas stations or convenience stores that are jumping on the CBD bandwagon. In addition to Sheetz and CVS, other major names have decided to cash in on the massive public demand for the new product. A few of the retail giants who have opted to offer some form of CBD to customers include fast-food merchant Carl’s Jr., pharmacies Rite Aid, and Vitamin Shoppe, and snack conglomerate Mondelez.

Last year, the U.S. Congress passed a comprehensive farm bill that made these current retail offerings possible. The legislation took hemp products off the official “Schedule I” listing of illegal substances. After that, dozens of large and small retailers began exploring how to turn a profit on this new wrinkle in the law. Most retail analysts expect the CBD market, especially in gas stations and convenience stores, to enjoy rapid growth for the next year or longer.

Depending on laws in individual states and cities, the ease with which a retailer can sell CBD products varies. But as long as the product is derived from hemp and contains only trace amounts of THC, there is usually no potential for legal problems.