Welcome to the Marijuana Policy Conference website, where we are pleased to offer insights into what is truly an exciting time in our history. It’s so refreshing to see people from all walks of life come forward to support the legalization of cannabis and related products.

It is equally good to see that the hysteria that once surrounded the very mention of marijuana in a typical family’s living room is giving way to respectful dialog and conversation between people. Do policies need to be put in place when we are looking at something as wide-reaching as the legalization of marijuana? Yes, of course. And it’s especially important to note that it’s still not legal at the federal level. One thing at a time.

Let us all encourage our local and state governments to lead the way, one step (and state) at a time, until federal lawmakers finally recognize that it’s time to accept the fact that cannabis and the products derived from cannabis are a natural and renewable resource whose time in the sun has come. Thank you for joining the effort.

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